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Emley First School Uniform

· Royal Blue sweatshirt or cardigan with or without the school logo

· White or blue polo shirt with or without the school logo

· School-wear trousers, shorts, skirt, pinafore dress in grey or black

· Blue and white school wear dress

· Shoes – black school shoes of sensible design with low heels. No open toed shoes. Shoes should protect and support feet to comply with the school’s Health & Safety Regulations

School is able to supply book bags and pump bags with the logo ‘Emley First School’. The book bag needs to be a flat, rectangular book bag no bigger than 38cm by 32cm by 8cm deep. Logoed book bags are sold by the school however the book bag does not have to have the school logo on it. Rucksacks and bags bigger than 38cm by 32cm by 8cm deep will not be permitted.

Please ensure that all of your child's uniform is clearly named. This helps us return any lost items quickly.

School is able to supply free school uniform through the Uniform Exchange Scheme. Please see Mrs Jackson in the main office for more information.

Accessories and Jewellery

Watches - Children can wear a small, simple analogue or digital wrist watch if they wish. Fit bits, smart watches or any other wrist device which can do more than just show the time is not permitted. This includes more complex digital watches such as ones with a stop watch facility.

Small stud earrings are acceptable. They will however need to be removed or covered for PE sessions. 

A plain black, navy blue or white headband may be worn and long hair needs to be tied up for PE and outdoor learning sessions.

You can purchase logoed sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts and coats from Term Time Wear.

Term Time Wear

5 St John's Road




Book bags and pump bags are available from school. These cost £6.50 and £5.00 respectively.

P.E. Kit

Outdoor Learning Kit

All-in-one puddle suit or waterproof trousers and jacket with a hood and wellington boots. 

Please ensure all items are named and they will remain in school for the term. 

If you are unsure about anything, please read the School Expectations policy below.

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