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MP visit

Mark Eastwood Visited us on Children In Need Day to talk about his role. He spent time answering our questions in assembly and talking to the school council about what it is like to make decsions on peoples behalf. 

" We learnt about his job, how he helps people. I'm not sure if I want to go into politics when I grow up- it might be a bit stressful!"


Dog Handler - Police

Mr Schofield came to school to visit us, he is a Police dog handler. We asked him lots of questions about his job and we got to meet his two police dogs, Duke and Monty. Mr Schofield hid something in the playground and we watched Duke find it, he was really clever. 

We also watched Monty follow Mr Scholfield's commands he was so obedient. 

Police Motorbike

We had a visit from some other Police Officers and they brought a new Police motorbike for us to look a round.  On the day they visited it was also World Book Day and one of the Police Officers read a story to us all about how they can help us. 


The Fire service

Huddersfield Fire Service came to school and they brought the fire engine too. We all got to meet the Firefighters and have a look around the fire engine. We found out about all the different equiptment they have on the Engine and how they use it to help people.  The best part was when we all got to fire the hose! 



Mr Wilson cam into our class to talk about how he helps people as a Paramedic. We all thought of a question we could ask him to find out about his job.  He showed us the uniform he has to wear and some of the equiptment he uses.



Our next visitor we had was Doctor Bullas. He is a doctor in a hosptial.  He brought us lots of different things to look at and we got to ask him questions about how he helps people. We all dressed up in Doctors hats, gloves and  masks. Then we made Sophia and Henry into real Doctors. 


Local Buisnesses and former pupils.

We loved having Mr Bennett and Elliot visit us from Sovereign Agricultural Services with the tractors. They explained what their jobs involve when maintaining and fixing tractors.

The children asked lots of questions, looked at and compared a vintage tractor to a new design.

The children even got to sit on the tractors.

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