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Out of School Club

About us

We would like to say a big thank you for attending the Out Of School club and all the support we have received. We hope the children are enjoying the exciting yet relaxed activities we have on offer. If you have any suggestions or comments you would like to share with us please write them in our parent/child comment book situated in the conservatory.

Out of School Club Fees

The Out of School Club committee are delighted with the increase of children who have recently joined us this term. The price of a session is £7.50. This includes a snack tea. Our menu is displayed in the conservatory. We are also delighted to announce that we have achieved a healthy eating gold award from Kirklees. The breakfast club session is £4.50.

Payment of Fees

All payments to the Out of School Club must be made by cheque payable to Emley Out of School Club. Termly fees will be invoiced to parents usually within the first three weeks of the term. If you would like to pay every half term this is also possible please inform a member of staff. Please see our ways to pay policy or ask a staff member for a copy. Any queries regarding invoices or payment please put in writing for our administrator.

Drop in Sessions

If you would like your child to attend drops in sessions in addition to the ones your child regularly attends. Please ring or call in the school in the morning to check for availability or call in to the After school or breakfast club between 7.30am and 8.50am or 3.30pm and 6.00pm. All drop in sessions must be paid for when collecting your child on the same day thank you.

Increasing/Decreasing sessions

If you would like to increase/decrease your child's sessions please put your request in writing. We require four weeks notice in writing when your child leaves the club. 

Please note both the breakfast club and after school club will be very busy in September therefore due to staff and child ratios no session swaps will be possible. Please can we ask if you are offered sessions for your child and you no longer require places to inform a staff member as soon as possible before the 8th June, so that the sessions can be offered to another child on our waiting list.

Thank you for your increase/decrease letters for September 2018. We will be notifying parents week ending the 27th April regarding your requests. 

Permanent contracts

As both the after school club and breakfast club are now very busy we require all children who have a permanent place to have a contract. We would kindly ask that one copy is to be signed and returned to the out of school club as soon as possible thank you.

Breakfast and After School Club Planning

This term the theme is summer. We will be completing children questionnaires and planting bulbs and seeds. Our interest table will show spring and summer with descriptive words the children have used in relation to the season. We will be going on a bug hunt on the trim trail at after school club. We will be looking at growth and change in mini bugs and the children will be caring and observing the differences using magnifying glasses. Our role play area is ordering, serving and eating food in the cafe. The children will be devising menus thinking about the importance of a balanced diet. We will be celebrating the children's interests and achievements on our WOW board.

In the second half term we will be playing outdoor games and building with our mega blocks. We will also be encouraging the children to participate in Fathers Day activities. We will be having a picnic on the field weather permitting.

Breakfast Club

The children are welcomed from 7.30am in the morning. Staff then escort the children into school to commence their school day at 8.50am. Please may we kindly ask if it is possible that chldren arrive before 8.30am for breakfast.

Permission Slips

If your child attends an after shcool club at Emley First School and is also attending the out of school club please could parents complete a permission slip for your child to be collected by a member of staff, thank you.

Asthma Inhalers

Please could we kindly ask if your child requires a prescribed inhaler that you provide a second one additional to school to be administered at the ot of school club. The medication book must be completed, signed and dated. All inhalers and other medication is stored in a locked cupboard in a seperate named bag with your child's name on. Please give to a staff member as soon as possible.

Medical Care Plans

If your child is taking prescribed medication for a long term medical need we also require you to complete a medical care plan that is signed and dated. All medication must be at the club on the day your child attends. Please see a staff member for a form.

Allergen Information

As from December 2014 we are required to provide all parents information regarding the allergens in food. Please see our menu sheets displayed in the conservatory with details about which foods we provide that contain them. Any allergy or food intolerance your child currently has must be written on your child's registration form. It is vital that you inform a staff member if there are changes to your child's intolerance or food allergy.

Contact Details

Please can parents ensure their details are current; especially mobile phone numbers, addresses and persons authorised to collect their child. Please inform a member of staff of any changes.

For safeguarding purposes all persons authorised to collect children must be on yours Childs registration form. Your child will not be released if we have not received notification from a parent.

Tax Credits

Parents are reminded that they may be eligible for childcare tax credits and for your information the Emley Out of school Clubs registration number is EY 396165


The front door will be locked whilst inside between 7.30am and 8.50am and 3.30pm and 6.00pm. Please ring the door bell when you arrive to collect your child, and complete the signing in and out sheet thank you. When entering or leaving the out of school club please may we kindly ask that parents/carers close the gate, this is for everyone's safety. Thank you.

Telephone contact Numbers

The Emley Out of School club mobile number is 07444 291985 and is available between 7.30am and 8.50am and 3.30pm and 6.00 pm. If your child will not be attending the After/breakfast club for any reason please let the school know during school hours or telephone the club on the above number or leave a text message between the above hours.

Appeal For

Please save any plastic bottle tops for our bug hotels or any containers or surplus paper or cardboard for the dren to create models with. These would be very much appreciated.

Committee Members

The Out Of School Club is managed by a voluntary committee consisting of parents. They meet once a term at the school house to discuss the clubs achievements and any other issues. If you would like to become a member or have lots of ideas and suggestions to improve our service then please come along and join us in a friendly and welcoming environment. We welcome anyone who would like to be involved and work in a friendly motivated team to enhance the children’s after school care. 

School Information

Please could you ensure that you inform either the school office or your child's class teacher if your child will not be attending the out of school club on a particular day. We have a message book in operation with details of children who are not attending due to a change of circumstances on that day or future days. Alternatively please inform an out of school staff member of any changes to your child's attendance durng the clubs opening times. When the out of school club staff arrive to collect your child from the hall the message book will be checked. This will help staff when checking the spreadsheet. If your child is on the spreadsheet to attend and we are not informed, our missing child procedure will be followed. Please see our escort policy and drop in procedure in the out of school club. Thank you for your support in helping us to ensure the safety of all the children who attend our club.

Volunteers/parent Helpers

If you would like to help on one of our sessions you are very welcome. Please come along and become involved in your child’s after school care and observe your child’s learning in a relaxed atmosphere. Please inform a staff member on arrival to sign in.

Policies and Procedures

Please may we take this opportunity to remind parents and carers that we have a selection of policies and procedures in the out of school club. They are displayed in a file on the conservatory table under the parent notice board. They are there for you to read and make any suggestions where necessary. If you feel any need amending or revising please speak to a staff or committee member.

Parent Questionnaire 

A big thank you for your questionnaire feedback. Please see the magnetic red board next to the front door in the conservatory for the results.

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