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Our School Improvement Plan

How do we make decisions about what to put in our School Improvement Plan?

Our School Improvement Plan is based on the analysis of pupil data and attainment each year. We look very closely at each child across the whole school and set learning targets accordingly. Alongside this we listen to parents, governors, our staff and of course our children to see what they feel we are doing well and what we could do better.

From this a plan is drawn up closely linked to our budget and performance management procedures. We have short, medium and a longer three year vision for the Improvement of our school.

None of this can be achieved without outstanding teachers and teaching assistants.

All teachers and teaching assistants have performance management reviews. All teachers and teaching assistants engage in further training to keep us abreast with current government policy and to extend our own teaching and management skills.


A whole year calendar is put in place so that we regularly can plan for such things as:

  • Formative and Summative Assessment
  • ‘Pupil Progress’ meetings
  • Work Scrutiny
  • Moderation
  • Children’s Voices / Pupil ‘one to one’ interviews
  • Performance Management
  • Policy review with governors

In order to learn, children first and foremost need to feel safe and happy. At Emley we pride ourselves on the work we do to ensure outstanding care and nurturing of children. We know that children do better where there is a strong partnership between home and school.

We review our Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Behaviour, and Anti-Bullying and E-safety policy yearly.

Alongside this we want our children to learn and grow in a quality environment with quality equipment and resources.  Each year we have a rolling programme of maintenance and improvement to the school building and grounds. The on-going purchase of ICT hardware, software and training helps us keep up to date with technology and the world in which our children live.

This year our School Improvement Plan will focus on the following:

  • maintaining the children's outstanding progress made across all teaching and learning
  • extend the rigorous marking policy to all non-core subjects
  • continue to offer outdoor learning for one half day per week and to induct a specialist teacher to this area who will also cover PPA and bring revenue to the school by using our school grounds as a venue for her own work
  • continue to give opportunities for food technology and healthy life styles across the school utilizing the skills of the school cook and school house kitchen
  • increase opportunities for children to participate in sport across the school
  • expand Kaleidoscope into the community and run training with other partner schools to bring revenue to Emley
  • set up a new parent partnership system of communication starting with Early Years
  • replace perimeter fencing


A copy of the full School Improvement Plan is available for you to read in the main entrance.