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Our Values and Ethos



      September 2016

School Motto“Flourishing Together”

Mission Statement: “Learning and growing together to achieve our best through perseverance, kindness, confidence and self-esteem”.

Vision Statement: At Emley First School we keep moving forward, opening up new doors and learning new things, because we are           curious ……. and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths and teaching us new things. We are safe, we care, we are happy and our future is bright!

Our values: As children take their footsteps through school we encourage good self-belief through having a sense of belonging, identity, self-control and worthiness. We work in partnership with families and carers in order to give children greater life chances and promote high achievement.

The above aims and values were reviewed by the whole school staff team on the 5th September 2016 and the full governing body at their autumn term meeting and are reviewed every year.