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Ms Anne Kaye - Head Teacher


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Hello Everyone,

I feel very privileged to be Head Teacher at Emley First School.

Emley First School is such a special place. Not just because we have a beautiful old building but it is both the big and little people inside it and those outside in our community that give our school a true ethos of ‘flourishing together’.

The children are so full of character and hope. Everyday I learn so much from them. Their viewpoint of the world is so refreshing and uplifting.

We use the famous ’Emley Mast’ as our symbol.. ‘reaching for the top’ in all our learning and aspirations at school. We hear this in the words of our school song: “Our mast is like a candle burning bright, it’s beacon to remind us to adventure on and on”. All this, underpinned by the greatest gift we can give any child - happiness, self-belief and good self-esteem.

I am also very lucky to be surrounded by such an excellent team of dedicated and committed teachers, teaching assistants and support staff.

I like to spend my leisure time with my friends and family, walking on the hills, practising yoga and have a love for music and theatre.